Create stunning visual account maps on your mobile

Understand people, their relationships and their politics to sell better

Visual planning for strategic relationship management

Identify your supporters

Highlight the blockers in the account that your sales team needs to work on and identify the people championing your cause from the inside to navigate internal politics more strategically.
Plot out a bespoke individual strategy for each person mapped on your stringboard. Share and customise with your team and manager so that everyone is working on the same plan across complex accounts.


Plan your strategy

Share account status

Track your progress across an account as a whole. Share your deal value, probability and status of the relationship with your team and keep them informed as things change.

Team to-do's

Track next steps and followups for each person added to your stringboards for your major account relationships. Never drop the ball again as you move towards the sale.


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Visualise the hidden relationships and politics at your client organisations to sell better

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